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My son makes me #happybecause he’s the happiest little guy I’ve ever met and always wants to laugh. Because of his laughter, I’m always happy, even in the darkest of times.

– Nicole, Oregon, July 11


Happy Because New Book SunsetI’m #happybecause I finally shaved my legs.

– Steph, Oregon, July 11


#Happybecause it’s the weekend and it’s gonna be beautiful out!

– Jennifer, Oregon, July 11


I am #happybecause I’m getting married in a week.

– Morgan, Oregon, July 11


Great friends make me #happybecause I know there are people who I can relate to and care about me!

– Reegs, Oregon, July 10


Happy Because People to Relate toToday I was #happybecause I bought a new book!

– Brooklyn, Oregon, July 10


#Happybecause I have an awesome job and an adorable kitten.

– Alex, Oregon, July 10


I’m #happybecause I’m having pizza with my girlfriend on a beautiful sunny day!

– Sam, Oregon, July 10


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