Hello! My name’s Renée (@reneezipp) and I’m so grateful you’ve found #HappyBecause. This website is the product of MANY sleepless nights, bizarre Google searches, and endless to-do lists.


The idea for #HappyBecause came to me all at once. I was ignited by the idea and started the site before I even had the chance to think it over.


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Renee Zipp Creator of Happy Because About Photo


Happiness happens every day.


Every single day!


Happiness lives in small perfect moments. It’s easy to miss if you’re just existing on auto-pilot. The mission of #HappyBecause is to make people aware of these moments.


You may not like your job, but perhaps your office is the perfect temperature.


You may have terrible roommates, but you’re walking distance from a cute little coffee shop.


You may be struggling in school, but the burritos on campus are the bomb.


Happiness is everywhere. Look for it.


Anyway, here are…


10 MUST-KNOW Facts About Me!


  1. I’m 23.
  2. I’m vegetarian.
  3. I live in Corvallis, Oregon. #GoBeavs
  4. This is a picture of me when I was 16 and met a real-life camel.
  5. My birthday is February 2.
  6. My birthday is February 2.
  7. My birthday is February 2. Woah.
  8. This photo set makes me laugh and cry at the same time.
  9. When I’m not working, I can be found behind-the-scenes at 5 to 1 Theatre.
  10. My favorite internet trend is the snapchats of famous art with slang on ’em like “lol haterz gon hate.”


A HUGE THANK YOU goes to Regan Nishikawa for opening all my texts, e-mails, and Facebook chats. This website would not be possible without his insight and time. Love ya!

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